How awesome is the savviest teen detective stuck in a sun drenched film noir? Girl made two million dollars since launching a Kickstarter campaign for a feature film. All in about eight hours. I can’t even make two dollars in eight hours. So hats off Veronica Mars.

The feature film, written by show creator Rob Thomas and starring Kristen Bell and just about every main cast member still alive after the first three seasons, will be filmed at some point this year with an anticipated release by Warner Bros. in 2014. I’ll be able to maybe tell you about it the day it’s released with my swanky script because you best believe I donated money to that particular cause.

This is the first Kickstarter drive to fund a television show for a defunct film, but it’s highly unlikely to be the last given it’s success. Already fans are begging stars and creators of shows like Xena (another one with a dead in the water feature film fix for a devastating finale) to launch their own drive.

Part of me is delighted. This is fan culture actually owning the product they’ve invested emotionally in and that’s a major thing. But I’m also scared. Because this could give Chris Carter ideas guys, and I don’t think anyone needs an X-Files 3 after the waste that was X-Files 2.

To donate to the Veronica Mars movie go here.

Or stick around and watch the mini-pilot Thomas and Bell made for a Veronica Mars series set after college where she solves crimes in the FBI while frequently disguising herself as a teen all 21 Jump Street-style.

Source: Kickstarter
  • Yes we want a Xena movie! Would love to see what Xena & Gabrielle bring to the big screen I miss them! Fingers crossed TPTB are listening to the fans we want Xena now!

  • MT

    Good on you Veronica Mars fans. The other movie that needs to happen is XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS. The fans are there, the original cast are capable of it, have you seen Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor, and it is timely in our world where women and particularly women over 40 are not valued by Hollywood especially in the genre of action movies. If Arnie and Bruce Willis can then so can LL & ROC – and they are so much better looking. Universal studios – Xena Movie please.

  • Would Love A Xena Warrior Princess Movie With Lucy Playing Xena!!!! Thank You So Much For Mentioning About Us Fans Want A Xena Movie! Thank You, BATTLE ON!!!!!

  • The Xenite community appreciates your shout out! <3 Xena 2011 Movie Campaign on facebook!

  • xenaaaaaaaa movieee whit lucy and reneee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I think what the VM fanbase did is fantastic and they certainly deserve congratulations. I just hope the next one is for a Xena: Warrior Princess movie. I would definitely donate to a Kickstarter project for that! The XWP fanbase is deep, wide, and highly motivated!

  • kjviking

    A Xena movie please!!!!
    Rob Tabert – give him back Xena to do this movie!

  • Aleida

    I i love the shout out.i also agree with MT. i am a huge Xena fan and the number of fans are still growing. I WOULD LOVE A XENA MOVIE!! bring Xena and Gabrielle back please! we need a Xena movie; we deserve a Xena movie after the heart wrenching ending.

  • Ki

    awesome! Yesss agreed I would totally donate for a xena movie!!!

  • Xena movie plz! The show means a lot to so many people including me! Over the years it had helped me! Xena movie plz starring Lucy and Renee! Battle on!

  • Stefanie Šarayová

    Yes we want Xena movie :) thanks you for supporting Xena …..we must let’s know the world about Xena

  • sally beeman

    Make a Xena Movie ! with Lucy Lawless and Renee’o Connor !!!! no others could take their Place as XENA and GABRIELLE ! What are you waiting for ????

  • Noumenon

    Thank you for mention out effort and hope for a Xena Movie! We need one – now!

  • Kryss K.

    All the Xenites appreciate your shout out about our wish, a Xena Movie. Thanks for this. Yes, for several years, we are battling to have a Movie with Lucy Lawless and Renée O’Connor. The VM kickstarter is a new hope for us, and definitely we believe in this project. Universal… please… that’s the moment… for you, for us, for people who don’t know the Xena show to discover a great epic and mythological story. We are definitely ready to help you for a kickstarter… so, go on now !

  • Sorboares

    Xena Movie starring Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor please, we been fighting for years. Also thanks for the shout out about us Xena fans in ur article!
    Please anyone whom hasnt done it already please go and join the Xena 2011 Movie Campaign on facebook!!!

  • Cae

    I was over on reading some of the discussion about Kickstart-ing a XWP movie, and now…I am unsure about what I’d actually want out of it. Good to look at for any interested Xenites

  • Xenite33

    I agree. Great job!! You all are awesome fans!! I am really putting the energy out there for a Xena Warrior Princess movie to happen as well. Go Xena!! And thank you VM fans for showing it can be done!!!

  • Xena!!!

  • Oh please bring back Xena!

  • I would definitely get behind a Xena kickstarter, come on guys this needs to happen!! If Veronica Mars can do it… We’ve waited long enough. Xena has become part of pop culture and is still gaining fans today, remember when ‘Planet X’ was discovered the astronomers nicknamed it Xena and its moon Gabrielle (the moon’s official name means ‘lawlessness’ and I think you can guess which actress that is a nod to). How many shows can lay claim to something like that? It’s part of pop culture, it’s got the fan base and great potential for new fans…it’s time we had a Xena movie with LL and ROC!

  • Begoo

    “Xena, the Warrior Princess” starring Lucy Lawless & Renee O’Connor is well overdue. I wouldn’t mind if it was a TV movie or miniseries either if that’s easier to get done. But for crying out loud, do something!

  • Really?

    Speak for yourself on XF3. You don’t have to see it. But thousands of other fans have campaigned for it. And it in no way makes sense to do a kickstarter for a film that’s going to need a ~60 million budget. Really great thinking you got going on here.

  • Devin Raquel

    XENA XENA XENA XENA! There will be a Xena movie in my lifetime. Only Lucy Lawless can play Xena and only Renee O’Connor can play Gabrielle! :)