It is perhaps fortuitous that SXSW hit during these two episodes and I’m forced to recap them together. They’re something of a perfect pair–the temptation of Bo. Temptation is a common trial of the hero. Odysseus loses himself to easy pleasure on Calypso’s island and in Alan Moore’s “For The Man Who Has Everything” Superman is offered a perfect life. Even Jesus has gotten in on the act. His temptation in the desert and “last temptation” made famous by Martin Scorsese are regularly emulated by other heroes to this day.

Bo’s temptation begins with her journey with Tamsin. It’s a slow burn sort of temptation having nothing to do with her path as a hero and everything to do with the elephant in the room that is her relationship with Lauren. They love each other and they’re adorable together and kind of perfect, but there’s a ticking clock on the relationship imparted by Lauren’s mortality and Bo’s immortality. They can only go so far and be so close before things end. The beauty of their relationship is watching them fight for the moments they do have.

And then Tamsin comes along and gets wrapped up in Bo’s mission to help a dark fae pixie. And Tamsin doesn’t have the baggage that Dyson and Bo have and she’s fun and she can keep up and, oh yeah, she’s as immortal as Bo. The fun of their adventure is compounded by the fact that it’s literally a game, and Trick is having to play as Bo, getting her poisoned, drunk and then sending her into a kiss that Tamsin is all too eager to reciprocate.

Aw. They look nice together.

Aw. They look nice together.

As Bo is a grade-A heroine she fights the temptation and rushes home to apologize to Lauren for missing out on her big night, but it’s too late by that point. While she ultimately rejected Tamsin temptation she’s already fractured her tenuous affair with Lauren. Put a little more doubt in Lauren’s head and set them both up for something acutely devastating at some point in the future.

Yet nothing is quite as awful as the next episode where Bo’s Dawning trial has shades of the Last Temptation of Christ. She finds herself in a heteronormative wonderland, living in an idyllic neighborhood with a perfect husband, a child on the way and unnerving glimmers of the sinister truth lurking beneath the dream.



Only, and here is where things get hinky, this temptation isn’t put upon her by some primordial force, and in many ways it isn’t even her temptation. It’s Dyson’s. He coopts Bo’s Dawning. He provides her with the world he feels she needs and promptly reverses his role with Lauren so he can be the one offering up normalcy while Lauren can be the one offering up angsty looks. It’s possessive, tragic and romantic all at once.

That moment where Dyson hasn't taken his shirt off in a while so he tries to get a Dawning nightmare to rip it off of him.

That moment where Dyson hasn’t taken his shirt off in a while so he tries to get a Dawning nightmare to rip it off of him.

If my understanding of the Dawning and Dyson’s role as Hand are correct, his choice to join in her Dawning was a suicide mission. He knew he’d have to die. Which is why he’s so eager for a fight when the trial first begins and why he chooses to put himself in Lauren’s shoes when the trial winds to a close. This is Dyson’s last moment and he want to enjoy it loving and fighting. As much as it is Bo’s temptation it truly is Dyson’s too. Which makes the coopting of the Dawning all the more frustrating. Dyson makes it about himself when it should be about Bo.

And I’m not the only one frustrated.

Lost Girl 3x09 - Lauren Needs A Hug

Again Bo is tempted away from her lover and again she strays, but it’s far more significant that a kiss shared with Tamsin. Lauren has been painfully clear on how she feels about Bo and Dyson and even though Bo would have resurrected any lover or friend in Dyson’s position (let’s be super clear on that) it doesn’t change the fact that it was Dyson. Bo may have come out of her trial stronger and more prepared for the future at hand, but she fails miserably in the trial of love–unless the show is leaning towards polygymy. Which would be fun to explore. Bo is a succubus after all. She requires more than one lover to survive. More than one lover to nourish her emotional needs could be interesting too–though I doubt either Dyson or Lauren would be down with it. (Apparently I’ve just turned her into Tina from the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers?)


  • Just to be clear, Bo’s father is Odin correct? Tamsin the valkyrie is suddenly her friend, the card she chose was the Wanderer, there have been many raven sightings, and Dion’s “The Wanderer” plays over a shot of what looks like Odin’s steed, Sleipnir.

Lost Girl 3x09 - Sleipner

  • Oh and Bo says she is “his” daughter and she will bridle the masses and death will fear her and she will reign. With everything I’ve just listed that’s a strong case for her being a demigod.
  • She’s not the only one with a mystery afoot. Kenzi is still not back to 100% and while they tried to distract us with her worry over what would happen if Bo died there’s still the mystery of what all has broken her quite so severely and the question of if she’s fae or something like fae. Note how both she and Lauren went down after getting succukissed but she was back up and conscious almost immediately.
  • Aoife showed up to slit a nursemaid’s throat! I’ve missed her.
  • Trick and his lady love got themselves a kink. You go girl and boy.
  • Tamsin’s bloody hands in the dream–they’re really pushing the psychopomp aspect of the valkyrie myth with her huh?
  • And in other Tamsin news, girl has it baaaad for Bo.
  • Poor Lauren. They’re building towards a Doccubus break up that I do not want. Especially because it would be really weird to keep her on the show afterwards what with the rest of the characters besides Bo kind of hating her. And why is that? She’s so damn nerdy and fun. LOVE HER YOU BASTARDS.
  • Dyson kept his shirt on for both episodes. I am suspicious.
  • Donde esta Hale?
  • Next Week: LINDA HAMILTON AS TAMSIN’S BOSS VALKYRIE GUYS. Yes Bo has adventures in babysitting, but Linda Hamilton is in town and not looking weird like she always did on Chuck. I’m beginning to think Chuck has crazy make up artist, because Yvonne Strahovski would look weird on that show too sometimes.

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