I’ve kind of been avoiding most Injustice news. I have my copy pre-ordered and I’m looking forward to a fighting game full of superheroes, but every single plot point I’ve seen related to this property has pained me. Lois is refrigeratored? The Big Three are Big Bads? It all reads like some of the best episodes of Dini and Timm’s Justice League and Superman but without the critical characterization that keeps it from being cheap.

And now Harley Quinn, in slightly more clothes than her comic counterpart, but significantly less than her animated one, is being made out to be the anti-heroine of the piece and will battle her ex (from another universe naturally) to protect the world?

Yeah. I’m all kinds of conflicted on this. Yea for an anti-heroine because there aren’t enough of them, but what’s up with Harley getting all breathy when she goes into hero mode? And if they’re going to treat her as, you know, moderately sane, how on earth are they going to handle the very abusive Joker/Harley relationship without making people cringe.

Because that relationship works when they’re two psychos. It doesn’t work when she’s sort of sane.

All these questions will be answered when I bravely play through the game for you after its release April 16th.