Spring Breakers went into wide release this weekend and the youth of America, hopped up on Pretty Little Liars (holy shit that finale) and Wizards of Waverly Place eagerly filed into theaters to see their favorite actresses (and James Franco) frolic in Florida. Expecting sex, violence and dark comedy tuned to the aesthetics of fifteen year olds they instead got Harmony Korine’s masterful assault on modern pop culture. Even Channing Tatum didn’t troll filmgoers as badly as Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgins have.

Seriously never have three actresses so thoroughly rejected and shat upon fan expectations. Their fans have taken to Twitter, overwhelming the #worstmovieever tag with their disgust for Spring Breakers. If you want to be a condescending jackass like me pour yourself a cup of coffee and dive into the tag and just laugh…and laugh…and laugh…



  • I’m genuinely amused. The question is if these tweets are ‘legit’ or already a counter troll of some sort. You never know with the internet. Either way it is quite funny to watch the ‘target audience’ complain about a movie. Hilarious.

    • I fair share of them seem legit. One of the church ones I’m suspicious of though. But yeah, either way this is almost amusing as the “what is this shit” uttered behind me during Magic Mike.

  • Mollie Muse

    And all of a sudden I kind of want to see this movie.