Aubrey Plaza Gives No Shits

Last night Aubrey Plaza awkwardly got up on stage and attempted to politely abscond with Will Ferrell’s award while Ferrell watched flabbergasted. When he didn’t let it go she awkwardly returned to her seat.

At the next commercial break she was then (presumably awkwardly) escorted from the building by security.

Outside she immediately tweeted.

As the hashtag #TheToDoList was scrawled across her chest we can assume the whole gag was Plaza advertising her new movie The To Do List.

Only many sites are going on an on about how she was barefoot, drunk, and clearly regretted the decision as soon as she sat down. Ostensibly she’s a young and silly comedian who bombed miserably and needs to be put in the corner.

I’m not really clear why people are saying the woman who wrote this and did this interview bombed on accident or was drunk. It’s pretty apparent that she’s playing a character. And she’s not the first to do so.

Comedian Gregg Turkington regularly slicks his hair back and becomes the misanthrope Neil Hamburger, who can’t tell a funny joke to save his life and regularly offends everyone he meets with jokes about sexism, racism, and pedophilia.

Sascha Baron Cohen refused to do interviews out of character for years and just a couple of years ago attended the Oscars in character and dumped ashes on an annoyed Ryan Seacrest. He was judged harshly as everyone failed to get the joke.

But no one is as famous for comedy that goes over heads as Andy Kaufman. He was the king of awkward. The king of weird. The king of taking things too far and then letting the audience figure out that that was the joke.

When Plaza bombs an interview, or quietly goes up on stage and then acts confused and sits down after doing absolutely nothing? That’s who she is emulating. I’ve no doubt that after one of her next stand up shows she’ll invite the audience out for milk and cookies.

Good on her. We never get women comedians who do this sort of character comedy, stay devoted to the character even when it means half the audience think they bombed it, and, perhaps most importantly, do this kind of comedy on so many national stages. Letterman, Leno, Lopez, Chelsea Handler (she really cuts loose on that one) and now, her best one yet, Ellen Degeneres. I need her on Larry King. Stat.

  • Johnny Lamb

    hey neil hamburger happens to be a great humanitarian and simply a lovely guy, you dont know what youre talking about Alex Cranpz.