Watching last night’s episode I realized I’d somehow failed to recap last week’s episode and then I realized I couldn’t really remember what actually happened last week beyond the board being high schoolers with no concept of public health and Chandra Wilson tearing it up as a desperate and prideful Bailey faced with terrible professional circumstances.

So…that’s what happened? Oh and that kid’s mom died so he continue on his path to be Lil’ Owen and April’s ex showed up to get back together because she lied because she’s nervous and he usually finds that funny and adorable except when it is about her v-card.

Which brings us to this week. Stephanie was around. Remember her? It’s been a while since we’ve seen her and the show has effectively de-Jackson’d her after that terrible stretch where she only cared about him and we all cringed and missed that glorious intern who took no shit. She reared up at the end of the episode to do her variation on Meredith’s famous “pick me” speech, only she managed to do it without setting feminism back a hundred years. Stephanie you are trying to be the new Meredith (but less crippled by self-esteem issues and depression) and I love you for it.

Jackson’s other sort of squeeze, April, was also busy this week doing that surgeon thing and dealing with some sorority sisters. Wearing DRESSES?! Man. I must have gone to a weird school for Greek stuff because we always wore, like, Birkenstocks and North Face and the blood of infants. But one girl torched her inside which is a metaphor for April being consumed by Jesus’s hellfire and she and Jackson make quiet sexy eyes at each other and fix her and then don’t go out for drinks afterwards because they’re trying to be with other people and just ask poor Nurse Rose how well THAT worked out.

Now let’s take a detour to marvel how hot Alex looks in a hoody.



For a brief moment I was concerned it was a hot young serial killer off to make Cristina his victim and set up the season finale. Then I realized it was Alex and man has a nose and lips and jaw that will not quit when put in a cling black hoody and it shouldn’t make me fan myself but here I am waving a magazine at my face and saying “lordy” quietly to myself.

Guy is mad bummed currently because he wants to date Jo and she’s with a douche bag who hates women so he listens to angsty rock until Cristina mocks him and you KNOW they are friends because she took the earbud out of his ear and he didn’t unleash an act of god on her ass for the transgression. That she and Meredith spend the whole episode being his sisters from other misters regarding the Jo thing is about the cutest thing ever.

But the cuteness stops when the new boyfriend hits Jo and she winds up bruised and bleeding on Alex’s porch. On the one hand. ALEX GO TRAILER PARK ON HIS ASS. On the other hand, abuse storylines make me nervous, especially ones that insert romance into the equation because it becomes less about the abused’s journey out of abuse and more about how romantic it is that a guy goes trailer park on another guy for a girl.

Less problematic storylines are going down elsewhere in this hospital. Chandra Wilson continues to do excellent work as she patiently waits for that Emmy nod/win she’s rightfully deserves after nine frickin’ years. Her friends all assume she’s avoiding them because she’s still angry. They fail to realize that Bailey is the most professional doctor at the whole damn hospital and her problem isn’t with the CDC or even her friends, but with her own body. It betrayed her. She killed three people being nothing more than herself and she can’t fathom entering an OR again and being responsible for even more deaths.

Bailey needs a hug. SOMEONE HUG BAILEY.

Bailey needs a hug. SOMEONE HUG BAILEY.

What she does is a little crazy. Compulsively testing herself while VERY DRAMATIC MUSIC plays is whackadoo, but it’s so very very Bailey. We’ve seen her pushed to the edge emotionally and physically before but this is a whole new challenge. Her foundation (I’m an amazing surgeon!) has been shattered by the deaths and she has to figure out how to rebuild it.

It’s fitting that it’s Webber, the one person she feels betrayed by who figures out precisely what she needs. As Meredith and Callie naturally assume it’s all about them (ladies got healthy egos y’all) Webber realizes it’s about BAILEY and that she needs someone NOT involved to help her sort her head out. So he calls her husband and we collectively swoon because Warren is Bailey’s McDreamy, but without the early paternalistic crap, and he flies in and takes her into her arms and he doesn’t fix it, but he allows her to finally begin to mend.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Which is fortunate because two other couples are preparing to tear apart. On the one hand you have day 642 of Crowen Babygate. Owen is so baby crazy he’s seriously considering kidnapping that suicidal kid with the dead mom and comatose dad and worthless grandmother (who clearly wants Owen to adopt). Cristina has changed a lot in the last year, but child rearing is still high on her list of things she never wants to do, and even Owen can’t sway her. Which will lead us into a finale where Cristina ultimately bends on the kids front and changes herself completely for her man, or she does what Owen cannot do, and ends things between them so they can both finally move on. I’m kind of hoping for the latter because then they can always have angsty eye sex and he can get everything he wanted but her and leave his new wife to get back together with Cristina…possibly in an elevator.

The other couple sitting on the razor’s edge are Callie and Arizona. The episode made a point of putting Callie’s worst foot forward. She’s being a little selfish, needy, temperamental and a know it all. She’s done all these things before, but never ALL AT ONCE. This is clearly so the writers can set us up to hate Arizona less when she makes out with Peyton from One Tree Hill.

They're talking. In the elevator. Embrace the makeouts that are going to happen.

They’re talking. In the elevator. Embrace the makeouts that are going to happen.

Or, you know, not. While the show is setting up a little love triangle it’s also addressing a problem stewing all season, and that’s Arizona’s self-image. It is in the dirt and has been since her leg was amputated. And now here is a woman that doesn’t know her and finds her attractive. There’s no history. It’s purely physical, and for as physical and prideful a woman as Arizona (these surgeons have massive egos), that’s wonderful.

Will she actually act on the innocent flirtation? That could go either way. She’s been irrevocably changed since the beginning of the season and the woman who would NEVER cheat may have been replaced by one eager for an affirmation of herself that her wife, as much as she loves her, can never quite provide.


  • …Why does Cristina call Jo “hairball?”
  • In other news Derek and Mousey had to deal with a nightmare child and put the fear of God into him. Then he celebrated with a tea party.

Grey's Anatomy 9x22 - Tea Party

  • Meredith saved a woman WHO WAS CUT IN HALF. Meredith is a champion. Also she got to watch a really good drama unfold between the victim’s husband and her lady lover. I half expected her to bust out popcorn.
  • The only episode of One Tree Hill I ever saw start to finish was the one where a dog ate Dan’s heart. THAT HAPPENED.
  • I feel bad for kind of wanting the Lauren and Arizona thing to happen? Then next season she can spend all her time wooing Callie back and they can make out in elevators.
  • Apparently a large part of wooing people back on Grey’s involves making out in elevators?
  • They’re making this storm next week out to be a big deal, but this North Texas gal is nonplussed.
  • Oh! I remembered the one thing from last week’s episode that was spectacular! Bailey confronting Webber and finally seeing him for who he is. AMAZING. Best scene of the whole damn season and it makes me terribly sad now that I didn’t do a write up for the episode.

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