I’ve made my fair share of tasteless jokes. I’ve told dead baby jokes and rape jokes a plenty.

To be fair to the me of now, I was also under twenty-one, a girl in a nearly all male environment, and a major asshole.

But even the 20-something gleefully telling my friend to “bend over” in a heated round of Soulcalibur would have been pretty horrified by the Killer Instinct demo at Microsoft’s E3 press conference today.

A woman XBox community manager wielding a normal controller is pitted against a male producer of the Killer Instinct reboot wielding a controller built for fighting games. He slaughters her. Watching someone completely trounce someone else in a video game isn’t fun. It’s usually painful. Unless its me destroying my sister, or the wiener kid in The Wizard beating that Power Glove nerd.

Dude you WANT to see beaten in a video game.

Dude you WANT to see beaten in a video game.

The only people satisfied by watching this guy beat this woman would be the same dildos that thing “make me a sandwich” is a joke.

You don’t have to look far for these wastes of space. They’re in the audience of the press conference, guffawing when he tells her to “[j]ust let it happen, it’ll be over soon.”

The game industry has a massive problem with representation. It’s come under fire in the last year because of the complete lack of diversity in plots and characters. Earlier this year gaming insiders candidly admitted that games won’t be made if they feature a female heroine and that those that are made will receive a fraction of the marketing budget received by games featuring grizzled white dudes out for revenge.

So how does one of the largest publishers in video games and the developer of one of gaming’s most popular consoles respond to the allegations of misogyny?

They have a woman get beat up on stage and then they make a rape joke.

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  • Spokker

    “It’s Only Okay When I Do It” by Alex Cranz

  • jeff

    Rape joke? Are you serious? Get over yourself. What he said there was completely innocent.

    • jeff

      I also find it humorous that default avatar for guests looks like a woman being raped.

  • Spasmolytic

    Sorry ladies, your going to have to develop a thicker skin. You can’t cry misogyny every time a man says something which offends you.