Gal Gadot Bad Ass

Ladies and gentlemen we have our Wonder Woman for the next Superman film that is more and more looking like a backdoor pilot for a Justice League film.

Gal Gadot has been one of the better things about the latest Fast and Furious movies–until she was killed off in the latest film to make way for a dude’s arc in Fast and Furious 3 (it’s actually set in the future. Please don’t get me started on that series’ convuluted time line).

Now the Israeli actress has been cast to play one of the most iconic women in modern American culture in her first major motion picture debut in a film already jam packed with hot Henry Cavill and Oscar-winning actors like Amy Adams and Ben Affleck.

Star power.

Star power.

That’s a lot of star power to go up against for the actress and I’d be concerned, but again, she and Sun Kang kind of stole the show out from under a lot of star wattage in the last two Fast and Furious movies. Charisma wise, and even action wise, she may have it in the bag.

And if you’re going to run into the comments to talk about how tiny she is just remember that she trained to murder people in the IDF.
And also people said Chris Evans was too small to play Captain America.

This has become an excuse to look at my favorite hot dudes topless. You're welcome.

This has become an excuse to look at my favorite hot dudes topless. You’re welcome.

  • Paula Silva

    I really hope that’s she get’s a lot of muscle before the movie. Otherwise, it’s just another joke about how woman are expected to look.