Reshoots are an extremely common process in modern films. Little shots get added or plotlines that were nothing in the original script get bumped up into something.

Evangeline Lilly was very busy with Hobbit reshoots in 2012, and by all accounts she should have been tremendously excited as it meant her character’s role was being expanded. Only there was a problem. For a year of filming Peter Jackson and company kept her character far away from the all too common love triangle.

The exclusion of such a triangle was even one of the things she insisted on when she signed on for the role. As she told Access Hollywood two weeks ago:

I swear to God, I said, ‘I will not do this film if you will not guarantee me one thing. You have to guarantee me there will be no love triangle.’

That’s right. Playing a woman in a notoriously male dominated property with some of the most terrifically purist fans in fandom? Doesn’t phase the woman.

Love triangle?

All bets are off.

Unfortunately those reshoots happened:

And all of a sudden manifested a love triangle before my very eyes and the film was shot and I’m in and there’s no getting out and there was no escaping it.

It’s a damn shame. Once again an interesting and potentially dynamic female character is hampered by relationship drama that places all the onus not on her, but on the men in her life. Romance triangles such as Desolation of Smaug’s are a bit of straw-horse feminism.

They tell us to get excited by a fascinating female character that expands upon the lore and counters the extreme sausage fest of the rest of the cast and then promptly diminish her agency and make her primary motivation not the treasure or the politics or pride–such as is the case of every other character. But men. Because apparently women cannot have storylines absent of their desire for the guys.

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