Oh, The Lego Movie, how do I love thee? In all of the ways. But mostly…BATMAN. I can’t even, I kind of want Will Arnett to play Batman in a live-action T.V. version of Batman. Which I will directly. Privately. In…my pants?

If you are on the fence about seeing The Lego Movie, (BUT ARE YOU THOUGH? WHY?) ¬†here’s hoping our solemn Fempop vow that it contains the most accurate and entertaining portrayal of Batman to grace the screen will hopefully incentive you.

As we know, I’m something of a devotee when it comes to all things Batman (HA HA HA HE IS MY IMAGINARY BOYFRIEND) — so you can take my word as bond. ¬†But seriously. Do it. Buy some popcorn maybe, and sneak a beer into the theatre. Just GO, already!

Additionally, if Batman ain’t your bag (PHILISTINE) I shall try to have good manners and say that Chris Pratt‘s vocal work, plus the hilarious musical work of Mark Mothersbaugh throughout are rare gems and should be inhaled — preferably in 3D.