Oh, The Lego Movie, how do I love thee? In all of the ways. But mostly…BATMAN. I can’t even, I kind of want Will Arnett to play Batman in a live-action T.V. version of Batman. Which I will directly. Privately. In…my pants?

If you are on the fence about seeing The Lego Movie, (BUT ARE YOU THOUGH? WHY?)  here’s hoping our solemn Fempop vow that it contains the most accurate and entertaining portrayal of Batman to grace the screen will hopefully incentive you.

As we know, I’m something of a devotee when it comes to all things Batman (HA HA HA HE IS MY IMAGINARY BOYFRIEND) — so you can take my word as bond.  But seriously. Do it. Buy some popcorn maybe, and sneak a beer into the theatre. Just GO, already!

Additionally, if Batman ain’t your bag (PHILISTINE) I shall try to have good manners and say that Chris Pratt‘s vocal work, plus the hilarious musical work of Mark Mothersbaugh throughout are rare gems and should be inhaled — preferably in 3D.

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