I’m single and it’s Valentine’s Day which doesn’t bother me because I’m going to see Robocop later and then eat some tacos. Actually, truth be told I’m feeling hella romantic because Rolling Stone just got Michael Keaton to confirm that he’s on board for a second installment of Beetlejuice, to be helmed once again by Tim Burton.

Mama like. Mama really like.

They’ve teased this out a lot, but Keaton seems pretty emphatic (in my pants, I mean, what?) saying that if Burton’s in, it’s gonna be hard for him not to be in. And dudes. Burton’s totally in. Somebody set up their 1998-era internet countdown clock because I for real can’t wait.

In closing I would like to share the following anecdote. Roughly a year ago while not under any substance other than maybe I think cookies, I watched Beetlejuice on T.V. with one of my brothers and said — very earnestly, you understand — “It’s like. This story has got to me one of the most original maybe ever. Like, how do you even think of that?” This is why I do not need drugs. The stoner-esque commentary, she flows naturally.

Who’s down for this? You down for this? 

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