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Who is jazzed for season two of ‘Orange Is The New Black’? EVERYONE IS. That sounded like I was exasperated, but really I respect our shared sense of wonder at Jenji Kohan‘s latest offering. Also, I <3 binge watching.

Right lambies? But for real – are you an Orange Is The New Black fan? I am. Though, admittedly, I’m biased, because I went to grad school with a lady on the show. That’s right. I attended drama school with Pablo Schrieber, and also I just called him a lady. JK, JK, it wasn’t him — though he is a delight. A creepy, creepy delight. The show is totally watchable. That said, in its very nature it stirs up a lot of interesting (and at times infuriating) questions about race, privilege, and sexuality. Sometimes I get hung up on all of Piper‘s entitled bullshit, though the first season’s finale kind of ripped up that problem in an epic and exciting way. Clean slate. Covered in blood:

The trailer looks BALLER. I am exceptionally excited to see more of Crazy Eyes, and to marvel at the horrific splendor of Tayrn Manning‘s monster-mouth. Also, Laura Prepon‘s role has been significantly cut down. I’m curious about what that means for story! I wanna know! Bring it on, Netflix.

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