Who doesn’t love that Stevie Nicks is having a revival, pop-culturally speaking right now? I know that I definitely do. Admittedly, I did not see her episode of Glee because that program is the worst. And no, I have not yet watched this season of American Horror Story: Coven, but I will, and I look forward with an obscene amount of fervor to her guest appearance. If there is not twirling, then I’m wasting my life and that’s God’s way of telling me.

Stevie seems to be everywhere lately. Just yesterday I was sauntering through Forever 21 (which, in a show of faith for the future of mankind, does NOT have a maternity section — I was checking with a friend you guys, I am still empty of womb, fear not) and was struck by the utter Stevie-ness of all the mannequins, with their floppy hats and crotchet, floor-sweeping shawls. It was all I could do not to start wailing about being the stock boy’s silver spring.

Stevie continues to charm the general populace with her latest admission: The woman loves Game of Thrones. Okay, fine, so does my mom, and she is not a famous lady though she did seriously considering buying a Daenerys Targaryen costume for Halloween. I would have supported this only if my father dressed as a dragon, and sadly, this was never going to happen. But Stevie’s love is greater than even my madre’s! Stevie Nicks has written GAME OF THRONES THEMED POETRY. I can’t even with this news. It’s the entertainment gossip equivalent of chocolate mousse: I want to shove everyone out of the way and just INHALE it.

Apparently Nicks got into the show when she was laid-low after the death of her mother and a bout of pneumonia. That’s pretty sad and also, deeply touching. How awesome that she found the world so captivating, you know? She likes the show so much that in addition to her poetry (WHICH THE WORLD MUST SEE) she’d also really like to write music for the show. Can we please make this happen? Immediately?

  • crowTrobot

    Your mom sounds pretty cool

    • She definitely is, but I try to keep it secret — can’t have her getting cocky.

      • crowTrobot

        Gotta keep the olds in their place