Elaine Stritch is greatest.

I have often said that when I enter my dotage, I want to become a loose cannon. I want to be just the biggest slut, with an epic drug problem, and maybe own every gun and say every last thing I am thinking. Elaine Stritch is clearly also of this school of thought. While not one life was taken on the Today show, the woman made it her business to not only rest her legs in Kathie Lee Gifford‘s lap for the entire duration of their detente, but also to wear an epic, long fur coat, matching hat and then to say “fuck” with gusto on the air. She is a delight, and Hoda Kotb best recognize.

She reminds of that greeting card cartoon lady Maxine, only more grandiose and infinitely more appealing. Also, not a cartoon. A critical distinction. While the youths probably only know her from her work on 30 Rock, the woman is a veritable legend. Do yourself a favor and get to Googling. You’re in for an education.

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