I never thought I’d be writing about PacSun, American shopping mall-staple. But here we are.

Sweet puppy Jesus in your cloud castle in outer space please give me strength.

A mom in Utah was shopping with her son at PacSun. Some would argue that was her first mistake. She came across some t-shirts were photos of scantily clad ladies on them and was, predictably outraged. Her solution? BUY ALL THE SHIRTS, WHEEEE! Sure, she also made a complaint to the owner, but that did officially nothing. I just…can someone explain to me her line of thought? “I am furious with these pornographers, so I will give them all of the money I have and look a right tit on the news! MOST EXCELLENT.” It makes no sense.

It also contributes to a culture that treats a woman’s body like it’s a chemical weapon. I understand not wanting her young son sauntering around wearing one of these shirts looking like a total mini-douche, so teach him that doing so would be mini-douche-like! Don’t promote your culture of hysteria, it’s lame and fool-hardy, madame!

excuse me, the stupid makes me hurl a lil’ bit.


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