1. RIP Maria Von Trapp The hills are probably dead, or at least singing dirges. Whyfore the bleakness? Because Maria Von Trapp is dead. The real one. I mean, not the one who inspired The Sound of Music. The last surviving Von Trapp-let. Sad. Well, at least it was not Julie Andrews. To my knowledge, Julie Andrews is fine. So that’s good. Let’s all take a minute to send Julie Andrews sassy thoughts. [CNN]

2. Look, I don’t even care you guys. I just love Rob Thomas. I worked with a girl once who told me that he and his wife were very active at their community’s animal shelter and that just made me love him more. He wrote a new song. It’s about me. JK, JK *exits crying*. [Twitter]

3. Justin Bieber and his mom recorded a song together. Fun fact: I have never heard Justin Bieber’s voice. That said, this news has inspired me to record a track with my mom it’s going to be called “Becca How Come You Never Call (MOM GET OFF MY DICK)”. [Eonline]

pure sass

The eyes very much have it. What “it” is, I am unsure.


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