1. Alec Baldwin is the next in a line including Amanda Bynes and Shia The Beef who has decided to quit being famous. Dude. That’s like me quitting being extremely good-looking — it can’t be done. He did it in a letter on Vulture that is essentially a long-winded, “I have gay friends” response to his homophobia. (Vulture)

2. Harold Ramis died! I am upset by this. He was taken by a rare autoimmune disease that inflames the blood vessels. The comedy world is bereft. Egon, you shall be missed! (Fansided)

3. Miley Cyrus kissed Katy Perry. Word still out as to Katy Perry’s enjoyment level, but I am theorizing that she liked it. Let’s all kiss people solely to tittilate others! Hee hee, I said titilae! Pasties on a kitty! Pasties on Alec Baldwin! Pasties for us all! Whee! (PageSix)