Rooney Mara has been cast as Tiger Lily in Warner Brothers’ “dark” take on Peter Pan.

This is so over the top offensive that I’m gasping a little over here. So to help myself work through it and to explain it to you dear and loyal readers, let’s break this down.

Tiger Lily can, conceivably, be a positive character. This is in spite of her generic “Native American” status, her fake tribe’s SUPER racist name Piccanniny and the fact that she’s forever associated with the horrifically offensive “What Makes The Red Man Red” from Disney’s Peter Pan.

Warner Brothers announced this film and insisted it would be “dark” and that it would have a diverse and multiethnic cast. Then they cast the whitest of white Hugh Jackman and Garret Hedlund.

Then to diversify their cast they took a character that is unquestionably a woman of color and cast…Rooney Mara.

Who is not a woman of color.

How horrible is that?

And to compound all the nauseating awfulness of a white chick playing a WoC based on a racist caricature? Rumor has it Lupita Nyong’o was up for the role.*

Sandra Oh accurately conveys my feelings on this matter.

Sandra Oh accurately conveys my feelings on this matter.

*While Nyong’o would have been a step up because she is a woman of color (and an Oscar winner) it’s important to note that women of color are not interchangeable. Their first, second and last choices choices should have been native women.

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