Expendabelles, the lady spinoff of Expendables, has always been a pipe dream despite being the biggest no brainer film concept ever.

I mean, this would require a studio to pay a number of well-known actresses to act. And do action. And probably wear white tank tops. What do you think this is? 1992? Hollywood can’t do that! The world world as we know it would cease to exist.

Sigourney Weaver either understood that very real threat to humanity or she didn’t want to be in a spinoff of a Dolph Ludgren picture. She’s declined an offer to appear in Expendabelles.

Which begs a new question. Is an ode to women action stars worth it if one of the biggest game changers in action films refuses to appear?


Of course it is! As far as we know Linda Hamilton hasn’t declined. Or Michelle Yeoh. Or Pam Grier. Or Cynthia Rothrock. Or Michelle Rodriguez. Or Milla Jovovich. Or Sarah Michelle Gellar. Or Lucy Lawless.

There are still PLENTY of super important women in action film (and television) that this project can mine.

There’s also already this really dumb Asylum ripoff of the idea full of action capable ladies who can’t act.

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