Peggy Carter shot her way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as little more than a plucky love interest, but with Captain America buried under a few dozen feet of ice and the rest of the MCU’s heroes more than 70 years into the future it’s up to Peggy to carry the hero mantle. That also means someone’s got to carry the mantle of the dame she’d fight for.

Common sense (and Captain America: Winter Soldier) tell us it’ll be a guy that she winds up with, but that doesn’t stop Jill and I from gleefully fangirling over Cartinelli in this 5th episode of Agent Carter Declassified. While there may be a whole bevy of guys vying for Peggy’s attention it’s wherever Angie is that she hangs her hat.

When we’re not squealing and dissecting Peggy’s love life we’re talking about much more complicated things–like that dark undercurrent to Jarvis’s every action and that absolutely miserable day Peggy has fighting sexism and then using it to help others.

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