Peggy Carter is caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, the SSR who, after Peggy’s Jarvis-saving stunt last week, seem finally convinced she’s the bumbling airhead they’ve always treated her as. On the other hand, Howard Stark, who’s ostensibly back to help Peggy but isn’t as good at lying as he thinks he is.
Peggy just wants to kick some bad guy ass. What would Captain America do?

Alex and I tried a slightly different format this time. Instead of recapping the episode and stopping along the way to discuss something, we grouped the conversation into topics, including: Howard Stark himself, Peggy’s work environment, and the mysterious Dotty. We ended the podcast with our first serious critique of Agent Carter as a show: its glaring lack of people of color.

The end of “The Blitzkrieg Button” marks the half-way point of Agent Carter, and it leaves our hero in her bleakest hour yet. What do you think of the show so far? Leave your comments, criticisms, Howling Commando-Era fanfiction below, or give us a review on iTunes! You can also tweet us both @FemPopMagazine, or individually at @alexhcranz and @jillscharr.

One hundred and seven one-armed pushups. Never forget…

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