This time on Agent Carter, our hero sneaks into Soviet Russia, jockeys for command with a bullheaded avowed sexist, fights her way through freezing tundra into a secret base of trained assassins, and shoots a bunch of people without batting one perfect eyelash. It’s the best time she’s had in the whole show.

But Alex and I both found it to be the least-best episode that Agent Carter has given us so far.  In this one episode, Peggy transforms herself from “Marge” the de facto secretary to “one of the guys,” and the sudden change left us with whiplash. It’s not that Peggy hasn’t earned it–she earned it before the show even started–but the turnabout seems to undermine Agent Carter’s themes of individual and institutionalized misogyny, and all the work and sacrifice Peggy has put into her pursuit of justice, both with the SSR and outside it, thus far.

Ultimately, Peggy needed to earn this success so she’d have something to lose.  As the fifth of an eight-part show, this episode had to lay all the groundwork for the show’s coming finale, and even the “Iron Ceiling” is showing the strain.

That’s how Alex and I felt, anyway. Many other critics found this episode to be the strongest of Agent Carter thus far. What did you think of Peggy’s explosive journey through the Iron Ceiling? Have you forgiven Thompson for his behavior? How bad do you want that Howling Commandos fanfiction now?

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  • Katie Kalb

    Thank you so much for these podcasts! I have no one IRL that I can properly fangirl Agent Carter with so I highly appreciate hearing the two of you fangirl and discuss this awesome show! I can’t wait to see what your thoughts are on the this week’s episode. I’m in denial that there might just be two more episodes tho. PS Cartinelli 4evah!

  • Hailey

    Lyndsy Fonseca, not Fonesca

    • Whoops! That’ll be fixed shortly.

      And by shortly I mean we’ll call it out in the next podcast. Major bad on my part. I’m even looking at her name now and thinking Fonesca.