Between Peggy’s gloriously sized ego and Sousa’s tenacious investigative skills the gig was bound to be up at some point. And that’s exactly what happens half way through the 6th episode of the season, A Sin to Err.

Peggy has to book it and Jarvis and Angie are called upon to help, but not before a sluggish first half that finds us getting a whole lot of insight into Dooley…and Peggy’s anger towards Howard and Jarvis.

Jill and I dig deep on a lot of fronts, analyzing Angie’s reaction to Peggy’s secret, the potential of a comic book villain cameo, and that big kiss towards the end of the episode.

We also gab often and with gusto about the way the women of the show employ sexism and men’s expectations to foil plans and get out of scrapes.

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  • Erin Kane

    Great episode as always guys! I think the best thing that could happen for a season two would be fore it to be a netflix produced series like the Daredevil and Jessica Jones ones coming up. It would allow the series to be a bit grittier (although not too gritty, something I enjoy about the series is the glossy warmth). Also they would be much better able to explore Angie’s gayness and Peggy’s bisexuality and who doesn’t want that?

    About this episode, why did Peggy have to rush right out of Angie’s apartment? She could have lay low until dark. In 1946 it wasn’t humanly possible to stop a single, highly skilled person from slipping out of a city as large as New York with no security cameras and high tech surveillance. The SSR would have quickly abandoned the Griffith and fanned out looking for her since as far as they new she had no reason to stick around, but she rushed out the door while they were STILL IN THE BUILDING. Bad writing.

    Peggy’s reaction to being kissed by Dottie says to me that 1, she was surprised and 2, was bothered by being kissed by a woman so I think that’s a pretty good sign that it’s happened before.

    Dottie with the element of surprise could easily have killed all four SSR agents in that hallway. So why didn’t she? If she wages an attack on SSR headquarters killing indiscriminately next episode when she could have just killed four guys it will look pretty stupid.

  • DM

    I’m still so not into Thompson, ugh ugh ugh. Also the Dr. being in the SSR for literally the whole day is so weird, and the weirdest thing is why did they accept this dude as completely innocent.