Peggy Carter is being held back by the Strategic Scientific Reserve. Literally, this time — they have her handcuffed to a chair in the investigation room while outside Leviathan makes its move. As this seventh episode’s title implies, it’s just shy of a regular day at the office for Peggy: Situation Normal: All Fucked Up.

Meanwhile, the episode focuses on Peggy’s relationship with the show’s leading laddies: Sousa, Thompson, Dooley and (to a slightly lesser extent) Jarvis. We see how each man has seen Peggy, and we see these men being forced to reconcile their mental images of her with the real person staring them down across the table.

During this podcast episode, Alex and I talk about these four fellas, and how they each highlight certain aspects of sexism and/or feminist responses to sexism. Why does Jarvis “disgust” Dooley? Could feminism have helped Dooley with his marital troubles? How does Peggy disrupt narratives of patriarchy like the ones Thompson has invented for himself? Why is Sousa so upset with Peggy? We also discuss why Peggy was so unwilling to respond to Sousa’s offers of friendship. Not that ladies need a reason to say no, of course, but could a combination of ableism, second-wave feminism and a lack of intersectionality be at play in Peggy’s disdain?

It was certainly an SSR-centric episode, and therefore a men-centric one too, but as we discuss in the podcast, tying up all the SSR loose ends now leaves the finale free to be all about Peggy. Are you as excited and simultaneously devastated as we are??? How do you feel about the SSR  fellas after this episode? Let us know in the comments below, hit us up on Twitter at @fempopmagazine, at @alexhcranz or at @jillscharr, or you can leave our podcast “Agent Carter Declassified” a review on iTunes.


  • Erin Kane

    Hey these are supposed to go up on Tuesdays! You can’t upload them a day early and confuse me! :P

    • It is Tuesday! Which also means Agent Carter ends tonight. D:

      • Erin Kane

        It says it was posted on the 23rd which is yesterday! LOL :P

  • Erin Kane

    Sousa doesn’t know Peggy. He doesn’t know her at all. He knows a few things she’s allowed him to see but mostly she’s kept her distance and been uninterested in him in any way beyond being colleagues. But nevertheless, just about every single recap, IMdb message thread and facebook comment just assumes he’s her romantic interest. Because he’s a man he has somehow earned the right to Peggy’s love.

    Angie Martinelli knows Peggy. She knows more about Peggy in every way, has her trust, has her actual, real live affection. She protects Peggy without a second thought. Worries that she’s eating enough. Comforts her when she’s sad. Angie is Peggy’s support, her goddamn rock and is on her side no questions asked all day every day! She’s broken through Peggy’s shell entirely. But when the possibility that romance could be there is raised it’s met with a resounding “HUH?!” from the mainstream. And Sousa (heck, even gigantic dickbag Thompson!) are the subject of speculative articles on Peggy’s love life while Angie considered viable as nothing more than a “Bestie”. Peggy rejected Sousa in favor of going to be with Angie and all the heteros on twitter can say is “Oh poor Sousa! I hope she dates him one day. And hey, Peggy and Angie are going to be roomies! Such good friends! Gals being pals!”

    It’s not new obviously. From “Once Upon A Time” to “Rizzoli & Isles,” “Warehouse 13” and many more shows we’ve seen this crap before. But things are getting better. The same thing happened in “Legend Of Korra”. The idea that Korrasami could be a couple was met with bewilderment and disdain in mainstream circles up until it happened. Ellie and Riley in “Last Of Us” surprised the fuck out of a lot of dudebro gamers. Recaps for “Person Of Interest”, almost across the board, outright ignored Root and Shaw’s potential as a romantic couple… up until they kissed and ignoring it was no longer possible. It’s not like they were refusing to acknowledge Root and Shaw as a couple mind you, they seriously never even considered the possibility! Straight people always expect the world to reflect them and so queer relationships are invisible to them unless they’re explicitly stated and/or shown.

    So maybe these wins the last few months have made me more bothered and worn out by the same old tropes going unexamined. Maybe getting a taste of success makes me want more and sooner dammit! I know I’m not saying anything new here and hey, maybe Agent Carter will surprise us, but until that happens, damn is Sousa’s unearned romantic legitimacy tired and annoying. I’ll end with this though, Hayley Atwell gave an interview where she talked about Peggy’s problems moving on from Steve. And without prompting, on her own said that maybe Peggy should be with a woman. So yeah, Hayley can see it even if most straight people are blind and self involved.

  • B. Short

    This is the best podcast about any comic/hero TV show out there. Thanks for all your work.

    I think the comments about Dooley and patriarchy are right right on. My hope with Sousa is that he’ll have an arc across the seasons where he gets a lot better at not colonizing Peggy with his assumptions. But who knows how long the show goes for, or how you plan not knowing how much time you’ll get with a character.

    Also, all the other comments on this post are 10 months old. So sorry if this is in the wrong place?