Avengers: Age of Ultron is raking in all kinds of cash in theaters and the film’s bizarre handling of Black Widow is making all kinds of waves and Joss Whedon has quit Twitter. Make no mistake guys, this film is having a whole lot of impact.

This episode of Agent Carter Declassified is only talking about one of those things mentioned above–that Black Widow role. But when we’re not unpacking everything that went down with Black Widow we’re busy squeeing over Peggy’s cameo and dissecting all those Wanda-served nightmares.

At least that’s what happens when we get to Age of Ultron. The first thirty minutes are devoted to talking the Peggy Carter comic, Operation S.I.N.–which just completed its run today, and the prospects of an Agent Carter season 2.

Spoilers. It’s a toss up and we’ll know in just a few weeks!

Until then give this episode a listen, and if you’re new here be sure to subscribe on iTunes or RSS.

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