Avengers: Age of Ultron is raking in all kinds of cash in theaters and the film’s bizarre handling of Black Widow is making all kinds of waves and Joss Whedon has quit Twitter. Make no mistake guys, this film is having a whole lot of impact.

This episode of Agent Carter Declassified is only talking about one of those things mentioned above–that Black Widow role. But when we’re not unpacking everything that went down with Black Widow we’re busy squeeing over Peggy’s cameo and dissecting all those Wanda-served nightmares.

At least that’s what happens when we get to Age of Ultron. The first thirty minutes are devoted to talking the Peggy Carter comic, Operation S.I.N.–which just completed its run today, and the prospects of an Agent Carter season 2.

Spoilers. It’s a toss up and we’ll know in just a few weeks!

Until then give this episode a listen, and if you’re new here be sure to subscribe on iTunes or RSS.

  • Erin Kane

    Awesome to have a new one of these! The Peggy bit in the movie was lovely and heartbreaking in equal measure. I really love the MCU and moments like that are why. The stories all interconnect and if you put the time in, you’re rewarded with scenes like that. And the movie doesn’t have to spend any time explaining, you already know all about Peggy and understand exactly what Steve is feeling. So elegant.

    I also am definitely not a fan of Natasha and Bruce being a thing. That plot was my only problem with the film besides killing off Quicksilver (which really pisses me off!!!) and I rolled my eyes every time it came back onscreen. They should just bring back Liv Tyler as Betty Ross if they want to give Bruce romance. She was great in the Hulk movie.

    Super excited that Agent Carter is renewed! Did you guys see this? http://www.themarysue.com/hayley-atwell-ships-angie/ Hayley Atwell is a gift. Of course the comments have plenty of straight people derailing the idea by using the old standby “Why can’t two women just be friends?!” whine, whine, whine. But at least Hayley understands. In fact, the female showrunner expressed pretty much the same sentiment on twitter when a fan asked about Peggy and Angie dating. So hopes slightly raised. LOL

  • Leah Reick

    I’ve spent the last week binging Agent Carter Declassified in my car and just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed it. You’ve definitely opened my eyes to some interesting aspects of breadth of the Agent Carter storyline and the MCU. I’ve often wished I were a part of the conversation, so that I could yell back at you when I felt like you were missing something that I felt was a valid part of the conversation. I’m currently finishing up the Age of Ultron episode and the discussion of the Black Widow/Hulk arc. I agree in nearly every single aspect, except the part where it is discussed that Black Widow is the monster because she can’t have children. I always feel like that argument simplifies what she’s actually saying into something she’s not saying at all. The Red Room took away her ability to have children because it could compromise Natasha emotionally for her missions. The Red Room needed as stone-cold killer and they made one by taking away the one aspect of “love” they could control. I’d really like to see a Natasha/Bucky/Red Room movie.

    Also, while I agree that Steve is depressed, I feel like his dream sequence was about him realizing that his war will never be over. He fears it, but he accepts it. He can’t “go home” with Peggy. His home is the fight. He, and Thor for that matter, seem very uncomfortable on Clint’s farm. He even tells Tony that the guy who would have appreciated Clint’s home went into the ice 70 years ago, and another guy came out. He seems much more comfortable in taking on that leadership role at the end of the movie, because he’s figured out where he’s supposed to be. He’s been pining for Peggy and what might have been, only to be confronted with it at the farm, and realize that it’s not for him anymore.

    I’m sorry. I know this is a conversation from two months ago, but I had to put my two cents in the conversation. Thank you for the podcasts. I hope that you’ll keep them coming, now that Agent Carter has a renewal. YAY! Promote your forums, so that we can continue these conversations in the future. Good times.