That Black Widow short on SNL did a whole lot of good. It savagely mocked Marvel and the fans that blindly defend it. It also mocked just about every female led media property not set in a prison. There’s a very particular language to movies and shows about young white women coming of age and it’s got an irritating KidBopz soundtrack, at least one bitchy boss with a heart of gold and a whole mess of dreamy men inexplicably in love with the klutzy lead.

The Supergirl extended look released by CBS last night checks off those “chick flick” tropes like it shared a script with Saturday Night Live. But stop. Imagine the twee music isn’t playing through her journey of self-actualization. Squint and picture her as a broad-chested fella. A lot of her story is similar to Clark Kent’s early stories–where he’s a geeky guy with a crush and a desire to save lives.

Perhaps inspired by CW’s The Flash this trailer reveals a superheroine who eschews grit and SERIOUS. MORAL. DILEMMAS. to try on costumes and do sweet superpower backflips over buildings*. She’s a hero that likes having powers.

And she’s also not Black Widow–a morally compromised assassin on a journey of redemption.

So while it is definitely irritating that we get scenes of her sitting on her couch scarfing down ice cream and watching herself of TV and others of a bland white guy crushing on her so hard his nickname is Crushinator it kind of feels okay. The real humor of that Black Widow sketch wasn’t just in the tropes the sketch wallowed in. It was in the sharp contrast between those tropes and Black Widow’s incredibly dark story. Those tropes fit much better when draped over the shoulders of a woman intended to be a wish fulfillment kind of character (much like her older cousin).

One can only hope the show drops the tropes as it progresses. That it leans into the big sci-fi beats of her origins in space and her and her sister joining a supervillain hunting government organization. There’s something positively giddy about the character we see grumbling as she saves a plane from certain destruction and if we get more of that and less strained romantic drama between her and a bland white dude** than CBS could have something really special on their hands.

*That flip might be one of the best parts of the trailer–have we ever seen a super strong flying superhero with that kind of agility?
**Also needed. Some gayness up in here. The lesbian joke in the trailer was painful.

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