We’re back with a podcast on episode 3 of Agent Carter’s second season, “Better Angels.” In this episode, Peggy and company begin to deal with the fallout of the season premiere’s explosive cliffhanger. Many significant glances are exchanged. We have Peggy and Jason’s amorous glances, of course, but also Peggy and Whitney’s appraising glances, as the two women driving the season’s plot meet face-to-face for the first time.

To defeat this season’s villains, the Arena Club, Peggy will have to do more than just thwart¬†the power plays of some rich old white men. She’ll also have to¬†understand Whitney Frost, the genius hidden so well in their midst that even the Arena Club doesn’t see her. And how could they, really?

  • Sean Naughton

    What happened to the podcast? Agent Carter Declassified was so much fun to listen to.