Carol is The Walking Dead’s Best-Kept Secret

But should we judge women by how they compare to men? Carol's had to make more tough decisions than the samurai appears to have had. Her strength comes from meeting (post apocalyptic) life's challenges and growing from them, as well as excelling at a traditionally feminine role (Mother). Unfortunately, Michonne seems designed to prove women can kick as much zombie ass as the men.

HorrorBelles 06: Walking Dead S4 Will Take Guts

Of course, Jill and I are bound to disagree on some things, such as the presentation of Tara, the show's one openly gay character, the demonization of mental dysfunction, how hard Beth sucks and Carl's reaction to everything. We also contemplated what it would mean if Daryl were actually gay, as had been (kinda) discussed by show creator Robert Kirkman and Norman Reedus in the past.