The Carmilla Webseries: On Lesbian Vampires and Creampuffs

Carmilla, the titular heroine of the webseries on YouTube, should be doomed as soon as she explodes through the dorm room door. This variation on the 143 year old tale has been updated to a 2014 variation of the fictive nation of Styria and Laura is now a college student with a passion for Veronica Mars-style investigations while Carmilla is her new roommate, assigned after her old roommate mysteriously disappears. Colleges are familiar playgrounds for queer lady vamps. There its easy to cast them aside at the end of the story as the heroine’s attraction to their otherness is laughed off as an “experimentation.” But this webseries isn’t laughing.

Flash Proves CW Has a Major Heroine Problem

Iris West may be the most egregious example thus. In the second episode she’s literally silenced by Barry’s powers so he can have an existentially pathos-loaded monologue concerning his new talents. She stands inert--no longer a character but an object he emotes in the general direction of. Even Clark Kent, with his god-like powers, didn’t turn his love interest into a whine receptacle.

Carol is The Walking Dead’s Best-Kept Secret

But should we judge women by how they compare to men? Carol's had to make more tough decisions than the samurai appears to have had. Her strength comes from meeting (post apocalyptic) life's challenges and growing from them, as well as excelling at a traditionally feminine role (Mother). Unfortunately, Michonne seems designed to prove women can kick as much zombie ass as the men.