Supergirl Trailer Super Deceptive: Not At All Girly

The Supergirl extended look released by CBS last night checks off those "chick flick" tropes like it shared a script with Saturday Night Live. But stop. Imagine the twee music isn't playing through her journey of self-actualization. Squint and picture her as a broad-chested fella.

Progressive Legend of Korra Ends on Fantastic Queer Note

The Legend of Korra’s progressiveness isn't just in its queer lead. It is often in its refusal to talk down to its audience or force idealism onto them. The show crafts a deeply flawed world where there are no right answers and provides heroes who are capable of being just as hurtful and oppressive as the villains.

Review: Once Upon a Time – ‘Fall’

Regina’s descent into giggly romanticism, tenderness, and heroism has been surprisingly gradual. Lana Parilla has come a very long way in her portrayal of her, but it’s only when Regina warns Robin that you realize how far she’s taken the character. Here’s a good-hearted woman legitimately terrified of what she’s capable of.