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Season Seven

  1. With You I'm Born Again
  2. Shock to the System
  3. Superfreak
  4. Can't Fight Biology
  5. Almost Grown
  6. These Arms of Mine
  7. That's Me Trying
  8. Something's Gotta Give
  9. Slow Night, So Long
  10. Adrift and at Peace
  11. Disarm
  12. Start Me Up
  13. Don't Deceive Me
  14. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
  15. Golden Hour
  16. Not Responsible
  17. This Is How We Do It
  18. Song Beneath the Song
  19. It's a Long Way Back
  20. White Wedding
  21. I Will Survive
  22. Unaccompanied Minor
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Season Eight

  1. Free Falling
  2. She's Gone
  3. Take The Lead
  4. What Is It About Men
  5. Love, Loss and Legacy
  6. Poker Face
  7. Put Me In, Coach
  8. Heart-Shaped Box
  9. Dark Was the Night
  10. Suddenly
  11. This Magic Moment
  12. Hope For The Hopeless
  13. If/Then
  14. All You Need Is Love
  15. Have You Seen Me Lately?
  16. If Only You Were Lonely
  17. One Step Too Far
  18. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  19. Support System
  20. The Girl With No Name
  21. Moment of Truth
  22. Let the Bad Times Roll
  23. Migration
  24. Flight
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Season Nine

  1. Going, Going, Gone
  2. Remember The Time
  3. Love The One You're With
  4. I Saw Her Standing There
  5. Beautiful Doom
  6. Second Opinion
  7. I Was Made For Lovin' You
  8. Love Turns You Upside Down
  9. Run, Baby, Run
  10. Things We Said Today
  11. The End Is The Beginning Is The End
  12. Walking On A Dream
  13. Bad Blood
  14. The Face of Change
  15. Hard Bargain
  16. This Is Why We Fight
  17. Transplant Wasteland
  18. Idle Hands
  19. Can't Fight This Feeling
  20. She's Killing Me
  21. Sleeping Monster
  22. Do You Believe in Magic?
  23. Readiness Is All
  24. Perfect Storm
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Season Ten

  1. Seal Our Fate
  2. I Want You With Me
  3. Everybody's Crying Mercy
  4. Puttin' on the Ritz
  5. I Bet It Stung
  6. Map of You
  7. Thriller
  8. Two Against One
  9. Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
  10. Somebody That I Used to Know
  11. Man on the Moon
  12. Get Up, Stand Up
  13. Take It Back
  14. You Got to Hide Your Love Away
  15. Throwing it All Away
  16. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
  17. Do You Know?
  18. You Be Illin'
  19. I'm Winning
  20. Go It Alone
  21. Change of Heart
  22. We Are Never Getting Back Together
  23. Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right
  24. Fear (of the Unknown)
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Review: Grey’s Anatomy Mid-Season Finale – ‘Risk’

or the first time since season 5 they have lives entirely apart from one another, but they still find that one quiet moment to come together and simply soak in the familiar comfort of each other. While the music of the scene is overwrought the emotions at play are not. Callie, often given to big and loud feelings, is muted in her defeat, and Arizona, too often a stony-faced is instead there with a gentle smile and soft expressions of concern.

Review: Grey’s Anatomy – ‘Could We Start Again, Please’

Ladies and gentlemen I’m gonna need a clarification from you. Is this the first time in eleven years that Derek Shepherd has admitted he’s wrong about something in a professional setting? I know he’s been wrong, and I know he’s admitted, begrudgingly, to being wrong about things, but I’m pretty sure it took eleven years for him to get up in front of a group of his peers and eat all that crow.

Review: Grey’s Anatomy – ‘Only Mama Knows’

hese are men emasculated by the powerful women in their life. It’s a theme that has spread across all of Shondaland this season. From Seattle to the White House to Middleton college men who choose to be with powerful women struggle with their masculinity and act out in an attempt to reassert it.

Review: Grey’s Anatomy – ‘Got To Be Real’

Cristina’s departure has taken the brakes off the shows two most recognizable couples and they’re careening towards something. And I don’t even care what it is. That’s what’s great about a Shondaland coaster. The end of the ride doesn’t matter. It’s all about those twists and turns and the helluva hill they’re inching towards as we speak.