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OUAT - SwanQueen Is Shocked

Review: Once Upon a Time – ‘Fall’

Regina’s descent into giggly romanticism, tenderness, and heroism has been surprisingly gradual. Lana Parilla has come a very long way in her portrayal of her, but it’s only when Regina warns Robin that you realize how far she’s taken the character. Here’s a good-hearted woman legitimately terrified of what she’s capable of.
OUAT 408 Elsa Does Not Approve

Review: Once Upon a Time – ‘Smash the Mirror’

Once Upon a Time likes to do frustrating episodes often--those that could be extraordinary with a little work, but “Smash the Mirror” takes the cake. It is bad. It’s a floppy and bloated mess that’s also petulant and naive. It’s watching an angry child play with their toys.
OUAT 406 Belle and Anna

Review: Once Upon a Time – ‘Family Business’

If you wanted to be a dirtbag and rank the heroines of Once Upon a Time based on likability, competence, heroic quality and charm Belle French would find herself way down on the list. Somewhere around Aurora after she broke Mulan’s heart and betrayed everyone and, uh, that version of Dorothy the show saddled us with.
OUAT 405 Wonder Twins Powers Activate

Review: Once Upon a Time – ‘Breaking Glass’

Back in Season 1 one of the most engaging aspects of the show was the very natural friendship between Emma and Mary Margaret. Understandably that was lost when the curse lifted, but the void was never adequately filled. For a show full of women it has been bereft of consistent female friendships. The friendship between Regina and Emma is crucial for that reason.
OUAT 404 Bad Romance

Review: Once Upon a Time – ‘The Apprentice’

Hook shouts "I'm a good man!" as he blackmails Gold into giving him a hand for fingerbanging. That Gold does it so he can, in turn, blackmail Hook into helping him escape the power his wife has over him just seals the deal. These two are about as reformed as a deposed dictator.