FemPop is meant to be a safe space for all women, people of color and members of the LBGTQ community. As such we do maintain a strict policy regarding commenting for the safety and mental health of our readers. Failure to abide by the rules will result in warnings, censorship, devoweling and even banning.

The Rules
  1. Please have fun.
  2. Please be courteous.
  3. Please feel free to voice your opinion in a reasonable and grammatically correct fashion.
  4. No mansplaining.
  5. No gaslighting.
  6. No racism.
  7. No homophobia.
  8. No excessive rudeness.
  9. No ad hominem attacks.
  10. No making the argument “there were no black people/other people of color in [INSERT] era and/or area.”
  11. No making the argument “there are too many LBGTQ people for it to be realistic.”
  12. No starting a comment with “I’m not racist/homophobic/sexist but…”
  13. No use of any of the “arguments” in this article.

Seriously. We’ve heard every dumb argument there is before. We’re bored with them and they’re not productive. So take that junk elsewhere. And if enjoy your time engaging in vigorous debate!