We’re always looking for talented contributors with smart ideas relevant to the site.


If you’d like to write for us we’ll need a few things first.

  1. A resume containing relevant experience.

  2. Links to previous work.

  3. A brief pitch of what you’d like to write for us and an approximate word count.


We’re always looking for artists who are willing to work quickly and for peanuts. If you think you’re up for the job we’ll need a few things.

  1. An idea of your schedule. How fast can you draw, ink and color your work?

  2. A link to your portfolio.

  3. We have plenty of ideas that we need illustrated, but if you’ve already got a piece you think would be relevant then by all means let us know!


A quick perusal of our site reveals a tendency for passion over correct grammar. If it bugs you and you’d like to help we’ll have a few things from you first.

  1. A resume.

  2. References.

  3. A working knowledge of HTML and WordPress.

If we like what we see we’ll test you out on a trial basis. We’re super finicky about our editors.

If you’ve read through all this and you still feel like you want to work with us then send a resume, portfolio and/or pitch to us at [email protected] Include the position in the header.